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    Tie Dye Butterflies

    Mia loves butterflies, she loves their pretty colors, their delicate wings and the way they flit around the garden. If she could, she would spend hours chasing after them, flapping her…

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    Fuel Up with Dole

    Since having Mia, I have relied heavily on convenient food. You know, the kind of food that is easy to grab and eat on the go without too much preparing. Unfortunately,…

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    To My Daughter

    Hello July!

    Can you believe that it’s July already?! July is an exciting month for me! It is my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary this month, we are going on vacation to Greece and…

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    100 Years of West Coast Flavors

    Since moving to California, I have been loving the different style of Mexican food to that which I found on the East Coast. The iconic flavors of the herbs, the bursts…

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    Felt Beads

    The most common activities for preschoolers that I see are sorting and stacking exercises. Toddlers are always encouraged to stack blocks and sort colors and shapes. The category of play which…

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    Ballon Powered Racers

    The magic of Disney has always captured my imagination. I love to immerse myself in the world of Mickey Mouse even as an adult. So, introducing my baby to the Disney…