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To My Daughter

    To My Daughter

    Hello August

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    So I’m a little late as August is already half way over but I thought I would sum up the month anyway! It’s my last month at home with Mia before I start my career, a month of rain and yet another month away from Mark. Hopefully next month’s update will include a family reunion!  Read More

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    To My Daughter

    Hello July!

    Can you believe that it’s July already?! July is an exciting month for me! It is my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary this month, we are going on vacation to Greece and…

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    To My Daughter

    While She Is Sleeping

    As I sit here writing, my 2 year old daughter is snuggled up soundly sleeping on my lap. Every night she insists on me sitting with her, curled up in my…

  • To My Daughter

    A Letter To My Daughter

    To my wonderful daughter, Now that you are turning into your own, delightful little person, I often dream about your future. What it holds for you and who you will be.…