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    Simplest Halloween Craft To Make With Your Toddler

    This is by far the simplest and most effective Halloween craft I have ever made! I was so pleased with how it came out when Mia and I made this Halloween craft the other day. It looked just like a spider had spun it’s web all over the paper. And, as it’s officially September now I think its perfectly ok to start with the Halloween theme! I love Halloween, it gives endless possibilities for all sorts of crafts! Read More

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    How To Feed Birds Using A Toilet Roll

    Children today seem to get fewer and fewer opportunities to connect with nature and the outside world around them. Families are spending more time indoors, watching TV or playing video games…

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    Tie Dye Butterflies

    Mia loves butterflies, she loves their pretty colors, their delicate wings and the way they flit around the garden. If she could, she would spend hours chasing after them, flapping her…

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    Felt Beads

    The most common activities for preschoolers that I see are sorting and stacking exercises. Toddlers are always encouraged to stack blocks and sort colors and shapes. The category of play which…

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    Ballon Powered Racers

    The magic of Disney has always captured my imagination. I love to immerse myself in the world of Mickey Mouse even as an adult. So, introducing my baby to the Disney…

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    Color Pots

    Colors are the first thing a child sees. They are what make up the world around them, how they distinguish the different things they encounter. Colors are one of the first…

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    Mia’s First Toucan Box

    Who doesn’t like getting mail? I loved getting mail as a kid and I still love getting mail (which doesn’t contain bills!) And both Mia and I love crafts. So when…

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    Rainy Day Play-Doh

    Mia’s favorite place to be is outside. So, on a rainy day, like it was today, she is a true nightmare! Bouncing off walls, climbing on furniture, anyone with a toddler…