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    The 5 Best Ways To Break The Itch Scratch Cycle

    This post has been developed in partnership with GOLD BOND® Ultimate Lotion however, all opinions expressed here are my own.

    Scratching is our biological response to an itch. Under normal circumstances, scratching would relieve the skin of the irritant which is causing the irritant. However, when a person suffers from eczema, that itch doesn’t go away. The scratching causes the itching to intensify, leading to more scratching and more itching etc. Instead of relieving the itch, the scratching aggravates the skin, sending more signals to the brain to intensify the itch. This itch scratch cycle is torture for an eczema sufferer and is frustrating because it stops the skin from healing. How can someone’s skin possibly heal when it’s constantly being irritated from scratching? Read More