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    100 Years of West Coast Flavors

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    Since moving to California, I have been loving the different style of Mexican food to that which I found on the East Coast. The iconic flavors of the herbs, the bursts of freshness, they come together to create light and tasty dishes! One of my hands down, favorite Mexican things I have found out here is the LA VICTORIA® Brand Salsas.  Read More

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    Felt Beads

    The most common activities for preschoolers that I see are sorting and stacking exercises. Toddlers are always encouraged to stack blocks and sort colors and shapes. The category of play which…

  • Crafty

    Ballon Powered Racers

    The magic of Disney has always captured my imagination. I love to immerse myself in the world of Mickey Mouse even as an adult. So, introducing my baby to the Disney…

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    Color Pots

    Colors are the first thing a child sees. They are what make up the world around them, how they distinguish the different things they encounter. Colors are one of the first…

  • Crafty

    Mia’s First Toucan Box

    Who doesn’t like getting mail? I loved getting mail as a kid and I still love getting mail (which doesn’t contain bills!) And both Mia and I love crafts. So when…

  • Recipes

    The Fruit Infusion Revolution

    Since we’ve been in England, Mia’s been drinking a lot of squash. (For the Americans who don’t know what this is, squash is a fruit flavoured drink you dilute with water…