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    7 Tips for Loving From Afar

    I’m exactly 5370.928 miles from my love right now. It’s not the first time we’ve done long distance but I knew this time would be different. This time we have someone else in our relationship. This time we have a two year old daughter! I wasn’t sure how it would be this time, whether I would miss him as much as I did the last time we were apart or if I wouldn’t notice as much because not only do I have a crazy toddler to keep me entertained but we’re old pros at this having spent the first part of our relationship apart! I’m now a month into the separation and I can certainly say it’s just as hard. Read More

  • To My Daughter

    A Letter To My Daughter

    To my wonderful daughter, Now that you are turning into your own, delightful little person, I often dream about your future. What it holds for you and who you will be.…

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    About Me

    Hello World!

    Hi! I’m Becci, a mother, trainee teacher, aspiring photographer and wannabe blogger. I met my partner, Mark, 4 years ago and together we have a two year old daughter, Mia. We’re…